Ruth Ring

$25.00 - $40.00
  • Ruth Ring

This simple yet sleek ring is perfect for the minimalist. This ring could also be a promise ring or wedding ring set for the couple that likes to keep it simple or wants something outside the box. So whether you use this ring to wear as an everyday piece or use it to symbolize your love for that special someone in your life this ring is a must to add to your jewelry collection.

FUN FACT: This ring was named after Ruth from the Book of Ruth in the bible. Ruth was a loyal, simple woman who won the heart of Boaz while she was waiting for her Boaz (check out the ring inspired by him). Waiting for your Boaz means learning, serving, and working whether you are single, engaged, or married. It also means finding who you are in the midst of your singleness and knowing you are whole, you are worth it, and you are BEAUTIFUL.

It is enclosed so please makse sure you pick your correct ring size below.
*Can be worn as midi ring or traditionally.
*Perfect for a simple wedding ring as well
*100% Copper / 14kt Filled Gold / Sterling Silver
*Handmade at time of purchase

*Remember every piece that you purchase $2 will go to the Keya House here in Lincoln, NE. They are a respite home for teens who go through emotional crises like bullying, suicide attempts and more.
Design inspired by Lah Han